Poor Ron!

I’m sitting here, watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with my kidlings, and I feel so bad for Ron! He always gets the short end of the wand, so to speak. Right now he’s in dress robes that look likes something that decorated a window or a very ancient sidetable back in Victorian days. NOT attractive. And I know that’s the idea, Ron’s the comic relief, but still. You gotta feel bad for the dude.

Maybe it’s just because I happen to be married to a redhaired Englishman myself, but Ron’s always been my favorite. Okay, he has his faults. He’s jealous and tactless and clumsy…but he’s cool despite that. He’s a boy, fourteen in this movie, and he doesn’t always understand everything. He makes mistakes. He’s real, and I like real.

That’s the thing with good characters. Their faults are just as important as their heroics. Ron’s the perfect best friend because he’s so imperfect. Oftentimes he’s more interesting and definately more amusing than Harry, the title character.

I’m hoping, as a writer, not to write Ron himself, but at least to come up with people that are appropriately people-ish.

Hopes, fears, glitches, all the fun and terrible and tragic things that seperate us from the more…benign animals. That’s what makes writing fun!


About amyspitzley

I'm a smallish, crazy-haired writing mama in Northern Michigan who likes wind and clouds and Lake Michigan.
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